Have a smartphone-best diabetes apps for 2019


If you have a smartphone, which most people do these days. These are the best diabetes apps for 2019. I am using the OneTouch Reveal, which helps me to see trends. It actually made it into the best diabetes app list. Sometimes wish it had other features.

Managing your diabetes is crucial, no matter what type of diabetes you have. Well, wouldn’t you want the best glucose monitoring app there is?

First, it can be tiring to think about carbohydrate counting, insulin doses, glucose, blood pressure, etc.

I think you will agree with me when I say smartphones can simplify tracking and learning. Some are able to record your health information, so it is in one spot.

This allows you to learn more about diabetes to make informed decisions to manage your health.

For Beginners or Pros, Here are the Best Diabetes Apps for 2019:

MySugr App

This app comes in at #1 on the best diabetes apps list. It has a clean customizable interface with the ability to sync with your glucose monitor. MySugr has features to help with reminders that ping you to follow-up with more data.

Besides that, all the data and charts are simple to send to your doctor’s office. It allows you and your doctor to work together to manage your diabetes with accurate information.

BG Monitor Diabetes App

A diabetes log that keeps everything in one spot. Track your blood glucose, insulin, and carbohydrate intake. The app automatically calculates your insulin for you. Using the app lets you chart trends using data analytics.

Also, share the information with family or medical providers very easily. Allows programmable reminders to take your mind off your diabetes management. Then you are able to spend time on things you love.

Health2Sync App

Health2sync combines the ease and insight of a diabetes log with human encouragement. It can make a big difference on days you may need encouragement. The app summarizes your recent blood glucose history in a color-coded readout.

The readings fall inside, above, or below the healthy range. The app allows a partner and they’re able to review your data and send kind words. Health2sync is an app with a helpful reminder you are not in this alone.

Glucose Buddy App

Glucose Buddy connects with your Dexcon glucometer or allows manual recording in the log. In addition, it tracks steps, exercise, and meals. There is a subscription offer with an ad-free experience.

Includes in-depth reporting on A1c. The app is easier to use with a customizable display with several options.

Diabetes Connect App

Diabetes Connect helps to better control your diabetes. Toggle features on or off depending on your use. The dashboard can be viewed in the app or in a browser.

Additionally, track weight, blood sugar, meals, injections, medications and more. Able to sync across several devices. The app lets you print data to share with your doctor at your next visit.

Diabetes:M App

Diabetes:M is a diabetes log with many features. Such as test time reminders, nutritional log, blood sugar mapping, and syncs with fitness apps. It also offers an insulin calculator based on nutritional data you add.

Furthermore, use powerful tools to look at graphs and charts in certain timeframes. Put glucose control back in your hands. Subscription service allows for multiple profiles. If someone else in the family needs to manage their diabetes, too.

OneTouch Reveal App

OneTouch Reveal, which complements the One Touch Verio Flex meter. Using blood glucose readings automatically searches for trends. Blood glucose out of range at 9 pm? This app will spot the trend and push notifications will alert you.

At the same time, the app plots trend events in a timeline, making patterns easy to spot. Your doctor can log in to view history and make adjustments if needed.

A color-coded dashboard shows your high/low readings. Let’s see when sugar levels are out of range.

In my opinion, this is the best diabetes app for managing your blood sugar.

Beat Diabetes App

Beat Diabetes is a beginner friendly app. If you are newly diagnosed it will bring you up to speed with your diabetes.

Includes diabetes 101 information, such as foods to avoid. Simple ways to increase physical activity. Learn complications to look for and stay up to date with new treatments.

Beato App

BeatO, the app pulls data instantly from the BeatO glucometer. A device that turns your smartphone into a glucometer. Using a different meter? No big deal, manual logging is still an option.

Above all, BeatO is also there to jump in with a reminder if your levels are off. The app guides you toward a healthier lifestyle. Meaning you always have a partner to help manage your diabetes.


According to Healthline, as you can see these are the best diabetes apps for 2019. They have many features and options. I guess it comes down to which app will work best for you. On the other hand, your meter may be paired with its own app.

What other features might you want to see on a diabetes app? I personally would like to see blood pressure logging on my OneTouch Reveal.

If you would like to know some more about diabetes click here.

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