How to maintain a healthy diet with nutritious food.


Is it true that you can actually eat anything as long as you don’t overdo it? Well, I am going to answer your question on how to maintain a healthy diet: moderation is how.

You’ve probably heard it before (I know I have): Go ahead and enjoy your favorite foods, but in moderation. When you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet those words are meaningless. It’s a phrase meant to help with feelings of self-restraint.

According to Joy Bauer from NBC’s Today Show, that’s because it is open to discussion or argument. For anyone that is trying to maintain their weight, it can be a problem.

A small piece of cake twice a week could be defined as “moderate” to some people. But to other people “moderate” could mean a treat twice a day.

The term can be pretty indecisive. It all boils down to this if you love ice cream (like me) the word moderation is not in your vocabulary.

For example, ice cream twice a day is moderate in my mind, but in reality, I would like to have it 3 – 4 times a day!


You are about to find out how to maintain a healthy diet: moderation. What is your idea of moderation on a day to day basis? I fill 90% of my plate with healthy food. The other 10% is for my favorites such as pizza, cookies, and you guessed it ice cream.

By the time you load up on healthy food, there is not much room for favorites. If you are counting carbohydrates, try to limit treat foods to 150 to 200 total calories a day. And don’t forget to have a good time!

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