Has anyone heard about this impressive new tech: color-changing ink for tattoos? This new tattoo technology can magically monitor your diabetes in real-time.

People get tattoos for many different reasons. But a team of MIT researchers has found a calling for tattoo technology. They are using nanoparticles ink to monitor glucose levels in the bloodstream.

One of the main problems is continuously monitoring glucose levels. Usually, it involves tiny little pricks on your finger throughout the day.

This gives the patient a record of their glucose level at that particular time.

There are methods to continuously monitor glucose levels. But generally, it requires injections into the bloodstream.

So, the MIT team went to work on something permanent. Namely using nanotubes wrapped in a glucose-sensitive polymer. Undoubtedly, to create an “ink” that you can inject beneath the skin.

The ink comes in contact with glucose and it changes color.

A sensor is worn on your body. It looks like a wristwatch. It will provide the infrared and make sense of the changing color.

Besides, the nano-ink is temporary. However, it does last about six months before needing to be refreshed.


A glucose-sensing tattoo could make life easier for diabetics. No more relying on daily pin-pricks to monitor glucose.

The dermal abyss as its called creates direct access to the sections in the body. Then reflects inner metabolic processes in the shape of a tattoo.

Amazing, isn’t it? Are you a data nerd? Do you like tracking bodily changes? With a cool-looking tattoo, it’s a tempting idea.

There’s just one little problem. If you’re ready to sign up for one of these tattoos. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed.

Stick with me here because the Dermal Abyss is in the proof of concept stage. With yet no indication of when it might become a reality.

MIT researchers are testing these inks on pigskin. They are using injections to change the levels of fluids to be detected.

Before becoming approved in humans. This technology needs to go through detailed testing. Testing will most likely be done in animals. Then eventually in people.

Things to be aware of will be reactions to the ink and allergies.

Additionally making sure the tattoo indicators are accurate as possible. What if a medical situation were to occur? The color-changing interface has to be as reliable as a blood test.

It all boils down to this, there is this impressive new tech: color-changing ink that will take some time before hitting the stores. But it does open up lots of new possibilities.

What do you think about this new technology?

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